Cammie Jones Organizing

Maureen Chaffin

Cammie Jones is worth her weight in gold to me. After twenty years of accumulating stuff, to move cross country is intimidating at the very least! It was totally amazing what she could do in two hours. I don't know what we would have done without her.

Trixie and Jack Brown

You saved the day for us on moving day! Jack and I were so discouraged with what we faced in unpacking, but you took over. Thank you, Cammie.

Scott Carpenter

When it came time to move my grandmother into a care home, I was faced with the daunting task of going through all of the things she had acquired in her life, getting the home ready for sale, and eventually moving her things out when the home sold. Trickier still, was finding the time to accomplish this as, not only do I live on the other side of the country and manage my own business, but my wife and I were expecting our first child. Not knowing who to call for help, a long-time family friend recommended Cammie Jones and her team.

From the moment I called Cammie, I knew she was the right person for the job. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm was so reassuring - any fears and anxieties that I had were quickly washed away. She knew exactly what had to be done; going through, in detail, what she would do, how things should be packed, how much time it would take and offered numerous suggestions on where things that we were not keeping could be donated, sold or disposed of. When they came to the house, everything was thoughtfully sorted, carefully packed and labeled. She turned what was initially a daunting task, into a completed job in under two days (we had a large home). Everything was neatly packed and organized and what could have been a stressful experience was made extremely easy and seamless. I wish we had someone like her on the East Coast! I strongly recommend Cammie and her team. The difference it made on our lives was incredible. Put simply, Cammie and her team are angels.

J.W., Monterey

Sorting and cleaning my garage was the most difficult, daunting task I faced after my husband died. Cammie was just the right person at the right time for me.....very helpful with both the hands-on work in the garage as well as providing excellent contacts that helped "find homes" for items I no longer wanted. Her expertise made a difficult project as easy as possible for me. Thanks so much for a job well done.

Carol Richmond

We successfully moved to our farm on the "Big Island". You were a huge part of creating a safe move for me. You are appreciated and I shall keep your information to pass on to any that might need your great Services!

Ray & Antoinette Simmons

I can't tell you how helpful Cammie has been with our move. She took direction and initiated things that needed to be done. She can be trusted with any job big or small, and produce the most satisfying results. We would use her on a monthly basis to keep our home in shape. She also has a personality that is so easy to work with. Not only is she industrious but lots of fun! Cammie is a God send.

Helma Z.

I had thought of myself as being a pretty good organizer. However, there came the time when I simply could not manage all that paperwork any more and got stuck. - Along came Cammie and - with a few seemingly simple moves - transformed the disaster zones on my table and desk and surrounding areas into clear workable spaces. I don't get depressed any more but feel joyful when looking at the scene.Helma

Ann Victoria Ellwanger

I worked with Cammie for 8 weeks with a goal of clearing, organizing and cleaning to set up my new art studio. We worked well together and Cammie helped make it feel easier. Being an artist using multiple mediums created an overwhelming inventory of art supplies that were badly in need of organizing. I know just where to find exactly what I need now and I re-discovered things I forgot I had. Not only did I achieve my goal of creating a great space for my art making; but now my shed, my closets, in-doors and out, are also in good order. It feels wonderful. What felt like an insurmountable task has been accomplished.. Hiring Cammie was such a generous gift to myself. I highly recommend Cammie as an excellent professional organizer. Cammie and Ann Victoria Ellwanger


By Sunday, I completed my first assignment. This week my task is to mail off my goodies to family. Thanks for getting me started, Cammie! I can't believe how much you did in just 2 hours!

Janet Ostarello, PartyLite Leader & Designer

In a very short time, with Cammie's expertise, my office went from disaster to delight. Cammie has a way of looking at an environment gone to chaos, and refreshing it to restore order. Her trained eyes also gave me solutions to try so I won't fall back into chaos.

'm grateful I've found Cammie. She's made my office once again an enjoyable place to work in, and that means productivity is UP!!

desk after Cammie

Lisa Knight

When we decided to move on the spur of the moment, I didn't know how I was going to get my household de-cluttered and packed in two weeks, but Cammie Jones Organizing came to my rescue. Cammie helped me dispose of unwanted items (5 carloads full) and efficiently had me packed and ready to go by moving day. Her work ethic is impressive and I found her to be extremely professional, as well as caring and easy to work with. She worked tirelessly till the job was done. Her assistant was also wonderful. The first couple of days in my new house, Cammie helped me find or make a place for everything. When it seemed things wouldn't fit, she found a way. I would not hesitate to call on Cammie in the future. Once I am settled in my new home, I am going to have her help me organize my storage unit! I know it can be done with her help.

Anna Yateman

Cammie came to my home today and in 2 hours we were able to clean and rearrange 2 closets that had been accumulating "stuff" for 10 years. On top of that, she took away the things for donation and dropped off a receipt for such. What a gal! I was very impressed and highly recommend her services.
Anna Yateman

Deborah Goldstein

I have always thought I was an organized person, however when I started to work for myself I found that files and all sorts of information would get piled up. As I started to grow my business, Enlightened Philanthropy, I knew I needed to get unstuck. I asked Cammie to come help me. One of the most important things she did for me was give me "permission" to let things go. She helped me see my files and piles in a different light. Once that hurdle was overcome I was ready to go through things with ease, purging quite a bit on my own. I found that it trickled into other areas of my home as well. I appreciated Cammie's suggestions and have learned to use my space in a better way.
Thank you!

Sharon Rhoads McQueen

Thank you to Cammie Jones for a quick consultation and helping me see my office with a "new pair of eyes". Amazing how you can walk into a room and know exactly how to make it work. Phase 1 of my re-do has begun!

M.M. Monterey Bay Area

Cammie, I can't believe how much we accomplished in just 2 hours this morning! The progress we made inspired me to keep going. I definitely will give you a call when it's time to sort through the clutter in my mother-in-law's house. Thanks!

Beth Robinson: Owner, Peninsula Home Watch

Associate Broker, Sotheby’s International Realty

Dear Cammie:
I’ve moved so many times I’ve lost count but I have to say this has been the best one yet. Without your incredible assistance, from organizing things to take to helping me make the hard decisions to get rid of things, I couldn’t have done it. (Can I really live without my high school beanie?). I feel lighter and freer and able to move into my new home without the burden of “those boxes” I’ve carted around for years with the intentions of going through them, and of course, never did.
Not only are you talented, you have a lovely demeanor and are able to show a great deal of compassion ….you understood about the high school beanie!! It’s been an arduous process but you’ve made it fun and again, I could never have done it without you.
You have my heartfelt thanks and my sincere recommendations to all my clients, as a Sotheby’s agent and the owner of Peninsula Home Watch, taking care of second homes for people.

Brigid McGrath Massie M.B.A.

Organizing genius! At the April Salinas Valley Business Women's Network meeting I was fortunate to win a lovely gift basket plus a half hour of consulting time with Cammie Jones. Cammie diligently followed up with me and we had an amazingly productive half hour of solid, practical suggestions which I'm excited to implement. Cammie is realistic, she's a wonderful listener and her suggestions are actionable and innovative. I highly recommend her service when you are ready to get your act together! Thanks, Cammie! — in Salinas.

Marian Pierce, Pacific Grove

I had to make a quick move from a one bedroom apartment to an assisted living apartment and just did not know where to begin. Cammie helped me through the whole process from what would fit in my new apartment and how to set it up, to packing and helping me with the actual move. She even had great referrals for the things I wanted to sell and donate. Thank you Cammie, I could not have done it with out you!

E.S. Monterey Bay Area

This is a very enthusiastic recommendation of Cammie Jones! She recently got me ready to move out of my home. She packed items in boxes that she brought with her. She was always prepared with what I needed. She delivered items to be donated, also those to be sold on consignment. She packed valuables to be taken with me, and many, many boxes to go into storage while the house was shown. When I ran out of both steam and didn't know what I wanted done next, Cammie always knew what the next step should be. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I seriously would not have made it without her help. And it was all pretty much stress free for me!

Patricia Major Reed - Small World Web Services

"I was on the Board of Professional Women's Network with Cammie, and her constant dedication to each task at hand, as well as her leadership and follow-through, were inspiring and produced results. It was an absolute pleasure to share that time with her and I will recommend her without hesitation for ANY endeavor that she commits to. She also happens to one of the most decent people I've ever met, and I'd be happy to have her alongside for anything, anywhere, and at any time!"

Laurie Bend, Bend Chiropractic Center

Thank you Cammie for helping me organize my home office. Cammie can give a different perspective to your "organizational mess" and help simplify things to truly organize and help your piles make sense. Her recommendations have me excited that soon I will have an efficient home office...and be able to keep it that way!

Lynn Banks, Lynn Banks, Marketing Consulting

"Cammie, thanks for giving me helpful ideas to keep my office organized! Sometimes you just need someone to come in with a fresh perspective and provide ideas to organize your business or home. I found Cammie to be the perfect person! Your follow-up will keep me on task to where I can finish the job we started. I know I will be so much more productive when all my information is close by when I need it. I can’t say enough!"

Leinette Limtiaco, President / CEO Central Coast Federal Credit Union

“What a treat this holiday season to have Cammie Jones come into our Main Office and put that spirit of the holiday season into our lobby area! We have had numerous compliments from our staff and our members as well. Just listening as our members are standing in line and admiring our beautiful tree and lobby was so special. It was also a load off our employees to have to decorate during business hours as well! If you are thinking of having Cammie decorate your home or office for the holidays, go for it! Well worth the time and cost – we truly love it!

Doris Beckman; Beyond the Scale

Thank you to Cammie Jones for her wonderful talk at Beyond the Scale Network. I will no longer lose 20% of my income because of clutter. I also loved the tip about the medical history binder and I am starting one tonight.

Jerry Kennedy of Jerry's Handyman Services

Office work is pure drudgery for me Cammie came in and one hour later I felt much more at ease in my office. Her organizing strategy was easy to adapt and understand. I highly recommend Cammie for anything you need organized. She literally took the fear out of it.

Gary McD

When my father passed away (having been preceded by my mother) there remained what felt like an overwhelming task of dealing with the “treasures and trash” left behind in the house they’d moved into 67 years before. After family members worked for weeks (getting an impressive start, but seeing weeks left ahead), we contacted Cammie. She met with us at the house, listened to what we wanted and needed, and told us what she (and her team) could do. She was very flexible in working out a plan of action that met our various concerns. Cammie helped arrange for disposal and donation of things that had to go, and turned up things of value (emotional and/or financial) that we’d overlooked or hadn’t gotten to. At the beginning she gave us an estimated range of what the cost for the entire project would be, and the final cost was in the lower end of that range. Cammie’s assistance (and attitude) helped make a difficult task and a difficult time easier for all of us.

Sharon Rhoads McQueen - Silpada Sterling Silver Jewerly

Thanks for the GREAT presentation at PWN's Focus Seminar on Thursday. And thanks for the lovely (PINK!) goody bag - right up a Silpada Girl's alley! Oh, I've got my brown paper bag nearby and am practicing the 10-minute pickup. Terrific tips, you're amazing!!!

Patricia Major Reed Small World Web Services

As the lucky winner of Cammie's drawing last month, she gave me a 30-minute telephone session. Since then, I have used her suggestions for giving me more usable space in my office, and it feels like I've let some fresh air in here again. One unexpected result: I can think more effectively now that I'm more organized. Thanks, Cammie!

Laurie Bend, Bend Chiropractic Center

I want to thank Cammie for all the suggestions and contacts she gave my husband to help him organize his garage! He now knows who to call to get rid of some of his "treasures" as well as what steps to take to organize the remaining "treasures!" Cammie takes a straight-forward approach to get the job done. Give her a call to help move some of your "mountains."

Bert Boothroyd (Program Committee, Corral de Tierra Rotary club)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your informative and entertaining presentation on "Declare Your Independence From Clutter" at our Corral de Tierra Rotary club last evening. You are an entertaining speaker and made the evening fun. It is very apparent that you are passionate in helping people to organize. Our club now has some excellent tools on how to approach this troublesome problem that is innovative, inexpensive and pain free that will result in reducing clutter in our homes and offices.

Laura Newmark

Thank you for the wonderful job you've done in my Husband's study. I can hardly believe what you have accomplished in there. Not only on top of the desk, but in that deep desk draw. I'm so grateful that you have gone through it. Your a wonder worker and I really appreciate it so much!

Denise Kaku – Kaku Consulting

My office is so well organized thanks to Cammie’s suggestions and tips in rearranging my supplies and files. Now everything is at my fingertips and my file cabinets and storage shelves are labeled and arranged in proper storage containers. I even have room in my file cabinets. I now have a place to work that is serene, efficient and professional.

Debi Lonbardi “Queen of Blades”

Thank you for showing me I actually have a floor in my new place! You are a miracle worker! It still needs more but at least you got the hard part out of the way... very impressive!

Tammy Gasperson, Mary Kay Sales Director

"If you walk in your office and feel like your head is spinning by just looking at it, you need to have Cammie come over. She walked in and immediately had simple ideas that really work. After just 2 1/2 hours with me, I can now walk in my office and get right to work instead of feeling over whelmed. I love the changes she made to my office!"

Varna Ramaswamy

Cammie thanks so much for all of your help. I am soooo happy to see the results and also let go of things too! It is great to see results in a very short time! The garage is so usable right now, you would not believe. We actually used the 3rd bay for a car last week when we needed extra parking!

Jill Allen, Franciscan Workers of Junipero Serra

"Cammie gave me advantages to organizing my office like I never had before. Sure, the clean-up and filing tips are great, but she first looked at the flow of information in my office and then gave me a practical plan that worked. Cammie didn't just tell me what to do - she rolled up her sleeves and jumped right in. Before she was done that day, there was a remarkable improvement, and a shopping list of simple organization tools that really work. I also received regular follow-up calls at no charge to ensure that I was still making progress weeks later. Go with Cammie - she knows what WORKS!"

Ellen Gannon

Cammie is bringing movement, versatility and utility to my closets... The frozen space is now a delightful place. It is not only possible to get into my closets and immediately find what I want, it is also a delightful experience!

Doran Poma

"Cammie helped make my kitchen functional. She came over, looked at what I had, gave me ideas and tips then got down to business. She pulled everything out, looked it over asked me what I use and don't use, then arranged it all so that it would work. I highly recommend Cammie's services to anyone who has a space (work, house or other) that just isn't working for them."

Mary Jeanne Vincent, Career Expert & Strategist

"Cammie Jones of Cammie Jones Organizing did a great job of presenting ideas for organizing all of the paperwork associated with a job search to my Job Search Networking Roundtable. Her ideas were practical, thoughtful and easy to implement. I recommend Cammie for all of your organizing needs."

Danette Roberts, Alain Pinel Realtors

"Working with Cammie is a joy and has been a pleasant experience. She has given me advice for my clients that are overwhelmed with change and decluttering a home to sell. I include with my listing package a brochure of Cammie's to give my clients a feeling of relief. I know my clients are in good hands with a professional like Cammie Jones Organizing. Thank you Cammie."

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